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Automotive tribology involves lot of automotive components such as engine, transmission, brakes, tyres, clutches and other bearings. The use of fluids in lowering the friction and wear has been an age old practice in the automotive sector. With the advent of nanotechnology,

nanoparticles have been used as additives in various lubricants used in transmission and engine oils. Various studies have shown that the use of additives helps to improve the performance of these lubricants. Apart from synthetic oils researchers have tried vegetable based oils as potential lubricants. Globally lubricant industry in a quest for sustainability is already focussing on various vegetable based oils and nanoadditives. Researchers are trying to find different lubricant additives and naturally occurring base oils to replace the non-renewable lubricant oils.

The takeaways from our lecture shall include:

· Basics of Automotive Tribology

· Various Classes of Nanofluids and Nanoadditives

· Rheological Properties of Nanofluids

· Friction and Wear Behavior of Nanofluids under different Environments

· Potential of Vegetable based Nanofluids for Automotive Applications.

· Global Market Scenario and Future Aspects.

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