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About the Workshop

Health management of aircraft systems, is an important design feature of the 4+ generation aircraft onwards, with an objective of improving aircraft availability by reducing the maintenance. Diagnostics and Prognostics methodologies play an important role in the identification of faults much before their occurrence and ensuring the aircraft availability meeting the expected requirements of Maintenance Free Operation Period (MFOP).

As ADA is developing the future next generation aircraft, development of prognostics technologies with improvement of the available diagnostics has become one of the major area to focus and efforts have been initiated for Aircraft Health Management.

This workshop focuses on the Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) technologies development and implementation by the eminent experts in the field from academia, R&D labs and industry.

The workshop updates are available at the website URL:

About Organisers

ADA, Bangalore

Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Ministry of Defence, is nodal agency for the development of military aircraft in the country.

After successful completion of development of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, Mk1 with activities for Mk1A in progress, ADA is presently working for the development of LCA AF Mk2, Advance Medium Combat Aircraft(AMCA) for Indian Air Force and initiation of Twin Engine Deck based Fighter (TEDBF) for India Navy.

ADA works with the academic institutions, government and private, R&D and manufacturing industries for the development of Indigenous aircraft with increasing indigenous content.



Design Division-AeSI ( DD-AeSI) was formed in year 2017 as a dedicated chapter under the aegis of The Aeronautical Society of India. DD-AeSI is committed to the advancement of Aircraft Design and Associated Technologies in the country. To further it's objectives, DD-AeSI conducts a number of activities viz providing training to the scientists/Engineers working in the field of Aircraft Design & development through periodic workshops, provide a National/International platform for knowledge share among aeronautical organisations in the country and elsewhere through seminars and lectures. Conduct design competition to inculcate Systems level thinking & Design thinking among students. Facilitate active interconnect among Indian aerospace community through round table meet to discuss organization specific technical issues.



SAEINDIA is a premier professional society that serves the mobility Engineering Community engaged in the design, manufacturing and service of self-propelled vehicles and systems that move in land, air, space and sea. It has a glorious track record of 25 years in service to the mobility community. It has 4,000+ professional members and 40,000 student members. SAEINDIA is the largest strategic alliance partner of SAE International. website:

Aircraft Systems:

·     Airframe Structures

·     Engine

·     Hydraulics

·     Landing Gears

·     Brakes

·     Gear Box

·     Electrical

·     Environmental Control System

·     Fuel system

·     Flight Control Systems

·     Avionic systems

Ares of focus:

·     Diagnostics & Prognostic Methodologies

·     Data generation methods

·     Modeling and Simulations

·     Reliability assessment and MFOP improvements

·     Vehicle reasoners development aspects

·     Implementation- integration

·     Testing and Validation

·     AI /ML Algorithms &Techniques

·     Wireless sensors

·     Maintenance planning methods

Advisory Committee

Ms (Dr) Tessy Thomas , DS,DG, Aero- Chairman

Dr Kota Harinarayana, Chairman, DD-AeSI

Dr S UnniKrishnan Nair, DS, Dir, VSSC, ISRO

Shri MZ Siddique, DS, Dir, GTRE, DRDO

Shri Hari Babu Srivastava, OS,DG, TM,DRDO Hq

Shri Y Dilip, OS, Dir, ADE, DRDO

Shri J Jadhav, OS, Dir, NAL CSIR


Dr V Madhusudana Rao, OS, PD(LCAAFMK2), ADA

Shri T V Vinod Kumar, OS,PD, Navy MK2, ADA

Dr Meduri Ravi, CEO, SITAR

Shri S Krishnakumar, GM, ARDC HAL



Shri K Ravikumar, FA to DG,ADA ADA

Prof NS Vyas, Mech, IIT Kanpur

Prof S Gopalakrishnan, Aero, IISc Bangalore

Dr PD Mangalgiri, Aero, IIT Kanpur

Prof Ch Ranaganayakulu , Mech, BITS Pilani

Dr K Vijayaraju , Consultant, ADA

Dr Vikas Kumar, Former Dir, DMRL

Shri. Ravishankar R Mysore, Chair, SAEINDIA Aerospace Forum

Shri Umamaheswar D,  GE Aviation

Shri. Savyasachi Srinivas,  Collins

Dr Ramakrishnan Raman,  Honeywell

Shri Krupal Aerpula,  Boeing India

Shri. Gopikrishnan Konnanath , Infosys

Shri N Krishna Rajendra, AMCA, Convener

Organising Committee

Dr Girish S Deodhare,, DS,DG, ADA- Chairman

Dr AK Ghosh, OS,PD(AMCA),ADA-Co-Chair

Shri Girish GR Dixit, OS,TD(IFCS)&D(A&HR), ADA

Shri VK Prabhulla Chandran, OS,TD(Av&WS), ADA

Shri GP Ravi Shankar, OS,TD(PS),ADA

Shri Sankaraiah Mada, OS,TD(GS),ADA

Sri G Radhakrishnan, OS,TD(AF), ADA

Dr ES Padmakumar, OS, VSSC, ISRO

Shri Rammohan V Kaki, TD(QA&SEG),ADA

Shri K Nagaraja, D(MM), ADA

Dr S R Venugopalan, Sc/Er G, OTD(ICT), ADA

Dr Rekha Upadhyay, Secy, ARDB, DRDO Hq

Sri AN Vishwanatha Rao, Sc G, GTRE

Shri SN Giri, Sc G, RD,RCMA(A/c)

Dr Ramesh Sundaram, Head, ACD,NAL

Dr GVV Ravi Kumar, Assoc VP, Infosys & SAEIndia Aerospace Forum

Prof Roy Mahapatra, Aero, IISc, Bangalore

Prof Pavan Kankar, Mech, IIT indore

Shri Arup Sarkar, AGM(ECS), ARDC HAL

Shri Abhishek Singh, AGM, MCSRDC, HAL

Shri Prashant S Bhadoria, PM, AMCA, ARDC HAL

Shri A Mahadesh Kumar, Sc F, Head(CW), ADA

Shri Rakesh Kumar, Sc D, ADE and DD-AeSI

Shri Ashit Kumar, Sc D, AMCA, ADA

Shri Ankur Agrawal, Sc D, HUMS, ADA

Shri V Srinivas, Sc D, HUMS, ADA

Shri T Thamotharan, Sc B, HUMS, ADA

Shri Narasimha Prakash N, JD(F&A),ADA

Ms. Lochana Krishnamurthy, JD(A&E),ADA

Dr V Sudhakar, ADA, Member secretary


Aeronautical Development Agency
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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