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Wednesday, December 8, 2021 (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM) (GMT +05:30)

Course Content:

Aerodynamics Performance & Simulation for Aircraft certification

Performance assessment of flight maneuvers

Rotating aerodynamics

Acoustics of aircrafts – community noise

Complex maneuvers involving Fluid Structure Interactions


Leverage highly accurate flow simulation solutions for entire flight envelope, validated for real world performance with experimental data

Increase certification confidence by leveraging appropriate fidelity CFD methodologies in early development phases

Reduce the number of expensive and challenging physical tests

Enable simulation driven design decisions in all development phases

Compress the timeline required to build out the aerodynamic database

Empower new product development processes to support best in class innovative aircraft engineering for large OEMs, suppliers and start-ups alike.


About the session:

           The Aerospace industry is in constant evolution. Startups and industry leaders are rethinking everything, from aircraft to solar-powered agricultural drones and eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) to supersonic flight and autonomous doorstop delivery. As the aerospace and defense industry continues to grow, air travel is predicted to double in the next 15 years. Companies have to constantly improve and leverage the best tools to remain competitive. Dassault Systèmes solutions reveal safe and sustainable answers to the challenges facing the ever-evolving aerospace community and our planet. Especially, SIMULIA offerings have a strong presence in the field of Aerospace & Defense, providing solutions in the areas of whole aircraft noise, high lift configurations, community noise, propulsion aerodynamics, and engine thermal design.

To certify a new aircraft, the manufacturer has to demonstrate that it can fly safely in its entire flight envelope. The aircraft has to be tested for as many as 100,000 distinct configurations. Traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods can cover only a fraction of these. For the vast majority of configuration, physical testing - particularly expensive and time-consuming, and wind-tunnel tests are still the only option. SIMULIA fluids solutions include Lattice-Boltzmann solvers for unsteady simulations providing a true breakthrough in this field. For the first time it is possible to expand the use of CFD to the entire flight envelope, potentially replacing thousands of wind-tunnel tests for high-lift configurations, high-speed buffet, extreme flight maneuvers and many other configurations requiring unsteady simulations. Another major challenge in meeting targets is assessing and reducing noise sources while dealing with several other design constraints. The time and cost of developing and testing physical prototypes are often prohibitive. Experimental testing challenges also include wind tunnel space limitations for extending measurements to the far field, and relating stationary-source wind tunnel measurements to the real-life, moving-source scenario. Therefore, a computational solution is highly desirable. SIMULIA offering provides accurate numerical prediction of flow-induced far-field noise, allowing engineers to simulate community noise problems for aircraft. Quieter aircraft would be less affected by these noise restrictions, opening up new opportunities for airlines while improving airports' relationships with the surrounding community. The aviation industry has always had to engineer aerodynamically efficient, robust and safe aircraft and today's concepts still need to obey the same fundamental laws of physics as well as adhere to the existing design and regulatory requirements. SIMULIA has a proven track-record providing end-to-end engineering solutions for aerospace applications and are capable of simulating aerospace applications involving moving parts such as running full polar sweep analysis, flaps deployment dynamics, landing gear deployment, turbofan or helicopter blade rotations and any other flight maneuvers.