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Industry standards like ISO 26262 clearly define the guidelines for developing safety-critical software, and standards like SAE J3061 and ISO/ SAE DIS 21434 complements it from a security point of view. Software failures alone cannot cause harm; only the interactions between "faulty" software and the rest of the system can do so.

The role of safety analysis is to ensure safe working environments by proactively identifying risks, then eliminating or controlling the risk through engineering or behavioral methods. Performing a safety analysis on a system or hardware is a well-understood concept, but many of us are unaware of the safety analysis performed on software.

Software safety analysis gains importance due to the complexity and quantity of software used in systems. Due to this, the possibility of the existence of systematic faults is high. Therefore, the software under development needs to be analysed with proven methods to demonstrate that a failure in software is within acceptable limits. ISO 26262 details the design principles to avoid systematic faults in software that could potentially violate a safety goal.

The architectural implementation of software components shall take the static aspects like functional elements and their interfaces/relationships and dynamic aspects like the sequence, timing or scheduling information into consideration for software safety analysis. Therefore, this webinar will focus on the methods applicable for performing the software safety analysis in the real world.


Deepu Chandran (Senior Technical Manager, at LDRA)

Deepu Chandran

Senior Technical Manager, at LDRA

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