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Brief about Webinar: 

The need for continuous advancements in technology and innovative solution requires engagement of modern methods, tools and techniques for individual as well as industry to develop edge. TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) with its recent avatar empowers engineers to solve complex technical problems, formulate ideal solution, and visualize clear technology trends for given product to embark the journey of innovation. The webinar talks about TRIZ overview, inventive principles, laws of technology evolution along with good case studies, examples and recent developments centered around automotive industry. The webinar also covers the steps to readily apply TRIZ into current engineering work streams.

What is "TRIZ" ?

TRIZ is Russian acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. The theory was founded by Altshuller around 1950s as good as a new scientific discipline. Since then, it is being developed through continuous research to improve methods and tools. Modern leading organizations use TRIZ internally as one of key pillars for problem solving, technology strategy, IP creation and Innovation. The power of modern TRIZ is based on universal and proven principles, methods and tools which can be learnt and applied by enthusiastic engineers and technology professionals


Tushar Kanikdale (Technical project leader at Cummins)

Tushar Kanikdale

Technical project leader at Cummins