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To understand how Japanese think/act/behave in the business practices so that Indian business persons are able to communicate better with Japanese


India and Japan are closely working together in many business areas and are expected grow further. However, there seems to be a gap between the two cultures, and this may cause misunderstandings and even frustrations. We have witnessed so many cases where these gaps harm the performance of the work in our project in the past between two countries.

How we conduct seminar

➢ Explaining about Japan as a "High context culture" society where we can find many differences from Indian culture.

➢ Explaining about the reasons for High context culture. Harmony, formality, mindset, and business conducts such as "Hou-Ren-Sou". This gives holistic view on how to communicate with Japanese in business.

➢ In the seminar, we often use video clips. This approach is very unique and effective since it gives visual images which is easy to understand the actual practices in Japan.

➢ Sometimes we even conduct short business games so that participants are quickly

involved in the given business situation with Japanese.

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