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Topic Outline:

Automotive Engine Emissions depend on engine design, operating conditions, and the characteristics of the fuel. Both the gasoline and diesel engines emit gaseous pollutants, CO, HC, and NOx while the diesel engine is the main contributor to smoke and particulate emissions. SOx depends on the Sulphur content of the fuel. But CO2 is not a pollutant but it is contributing to global warming.

The emission control techniques can be used to decide the parameters like engine design, burning of pollutants inside the engine, operational factors, and exhaust after treatment.

Engine Design parameters have a significant effect on engine emissions. These parameters can be changed to control engine emissions. These factors are compression ratio, combustion chamber size, and shape, fuel system, spark timing, multi-valve and variable valve timing, engine downsizing and turbocharging, fuel injection spray behavior, air flow in the cylinder, and combustion chamber geometry.

Exhaust after treatment is used in gasoline and diesel engines. The use of exhaust after-treatment devices is considered to reduce emissions. The exhaust after-treatment is found suitable to improve the emission control techniques and technology.

What is in it for you:

  • Engine Combustion Control System
  • Engine Emission Aftertreatment System
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Innovative Features of Engines
  • Engine Emission Reduction
  • Advanced Engine Technologies like cylinder deactivation, Turbocharging with engine downsizing, Gasoline Direct Injection, Valve Timing and Lift Technologies, Valve Control,
  • Exhaust Emissions from S I Engines and C I Engines
  • Effect of Engine Design and Operating Variables
  • Use of Aftertreatment Devices like EGR, 3 Way Catalytic Converters, DPF, SCR, OBD System, NSR Catalyst, Oxidation Catalysts, Lean de-NOx Catalyst. etc.
  • Overview of Optimization on different Segments

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