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About the Webinar

In recent times, there have been many incidents of electric vehicles catching fire and resulting in deaths, severe injuries. Poor quality cells, cell leakage, poor thermal management, manufacturing defects, inadequate battery management control systems, and poor charging management systems are some of the reasons causing the battery failure leading to battery fire. As batteries are extremely sensitive to temperature, thermal management is very critical to reduce temperature variations and to avoid thermal runaway. The temperature of all cells must be strictly maintained within a just few temperature degrees across the entire pack.

Simulation plays a critical role to perform battery thermal analysis enabling the engineers to predict battery failure, analyze cell performance, analyze temperature variations inside battery packs, impact of temperature on battery back, optimize cooling system, avoid thermal runaway with ensuring the operational safety as well as functional safety.

Join this webinar to learn how Ansys Fluent helps engineers perform battery thermal management efficiently to improve battery safety, life, and reliability significantly.

Key Discussion Points

  • See how the CFD-based multiscale, multidimensional module in Ansys Fluent quantifies the 3-D thermal and electrical performance of batteries and thermal abuse scenarios
  • Explore the linear and time-invariance (LTI) and singular value decomposition (SVD) ROM for constructing thermal reduced-order models (ROMs), providing both average and field-level temperature data at a module level

Who Should Attend:

  • Vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Engineering service providers
  • Startups
  • Academia
  • Research scientists
  • Engineers


Ankit Adhiya (Sr. Manager - Electrification, Ansys)

Ankit Adhiya

Sr. Manager - Electrification, Ansys

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