Dr. Sudhakar Umale (Head Mechanical Engineering Department at Sardar Patel College of Engineering Andheri Mumbai)

Dr. Sudhakar Umale

Head Mechanical Engineering Department at Sardar Patel College of Engineering Andheri Mumbai

Dr. Sudhakar Umale

Head and Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Department Sardar Patel College of Engineering Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 058 umalesudhakar@gmail.com
Educational Qualification:

• BE (Mech. Engg.) July 1987 Amravati University
• ME (Mech. Engg.) August 2001 Mumbai University
• PhD (Material Science) May 2015 VNIT Nagpur

Teaching Experience: 34 Years in College of Engineering

Membership of Scientific and Professional Societies:

• Life Member of ISTE (LM 18795)
• Life Member of ISNT (LM 6278)
• IET Membership Number 1100331128
• SAE INDIA Membership Number 7150510039
• Quality Circle Forum of India Membership Number (LM 049905116441)


• Received Best Technical Paper Award 2015 by Indian Institute of Foundrymen
• Received SAEINDIA GURU AWARD 2016-17
• Governing Body Member of SAEINDIA Western section
• Working as Editorial Board Member in GRD journals
• PhD Supervisor in Mumbai University
• Worked as Judges in different Technical Events in College level, National and international level

• Technical Judge, Reviewer, Editorial Board Member and Organizing
Committee Member for National, International Conferences and Journal: 38

• List of Expert Lectures Delivered in FDP/STTP and Webinar: 69

• Courses Conducted and Coordinated in the College: 12

• List of Paper Publication, Conferences: 50

• List of short-term courses Attended: 90

Expert Topic Interest: (Delivered Expert Lectures on these Topics):

I C Engine, Engine Design, Engine Development, Engine Emissions, Design Modifications Considerations in BS VI Engines, Modern Emission Technology, Automobile Engineering, Automotive Design Technology, Vehicle Design, Vehicle Development, Electric Vehicle Design and Development, Heat Transfer, Heat Exchanger Design, Welding Metallurgy, Material Science, Heat treatment of Steel and Cast Iron, Vehicle Dynamics, Combustion in I C Engines, Biofuels,

Design Thinking, Research and Innovation, Role of Teacher in Research and
Innovation, How to write Research Paper and Thesis, 3D Printing.