Topic Outline

Vehicle Dynamics is the study of a vehicle in motion and how it behaves in motion. The vehicle dynamics plays an important role in the development of the vehicle industry. In vehicle dynamics, the vehicle body (sprung mass), the suspension components (spring and damper) and the tire (unsprung mass) are essential parts of the system. The study of vehicle dynamics revolves around these two functions i. e. understanding the behaviour of the vehicle under a certain driver input (e.g. turning the steering wheel, pressing the brake pedal etc.) and to study and verify if the vehicle response is safe and comfortable to the passengers sitting inside. The mathematical model represents the vehicle in terms of physical quantities like mass, moment of inertia, stiffness, damping, forces, compliance etc. and the dynamic situation is represented through a series of differential equations, which calculates the vehicle responses in reference to the given driver inputs. The study of vehicle dynamics plays a vital role in finding out the right balance between driver feel, comfort and safety of passengers and the fun which we all experience during driving.

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1. Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics

2. Vehicle Modules

3. Vehicle Design Parameters

4. Mathematical Model

5. Classifications

6. Tyre Dynamics

7. Vehicle Dynamics and Performance

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