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March 8 - 12, 2022 GMT +05:30

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About the Session

The goal of this training to help an individual understand and interpret the fundamentals of GD&T. It is based on the ASME Y14.5-2018.By definition, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is a set of rules, symbols and tools used to control critical features by defining the geometric limits of mechanical parts. The minimum requirement will be a basic understanding of mechanical engineering and drawings.

Ø Why take this course?:

GD&T is essential to ensure functional information and design intent from the assembly to its individual parts. This ensures accurate fitting assemblies and spare parts, regardless of where they are manufactured. Designers, toolmakers, inspectors and project managers will greatly benefit from GD&T knowledge.

Ø The course will cover the following topics:

· Overall perspective of what an engineering drawing is and why it is important.

· The Need for GD&T then moving towards the introductory concepts of GD&T

· A comprehensive comparison of Traditional method of tolerancing vs GD&T

· A detailed look at Datums the most important concept in GD&T, How are they created? How are they applied? and what do they mean on the drawing?

· A detailed look at Bonus tolerance and concept of virtual condition which lays a key role in Mating parts.

· Explanation of GD&T Symbols and their inspection methods

Ø Who this course is for:

· Aspiring Mechanical design engineering students looking to learn the Subject of GD&T.

· Anyone from the manufacturing industry wanting to understand the core concepts of GD&T.

· Working design engineers, toolmakers, inspectors and project managers who want to sharpen their engineering design knowledge and skills.