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Event Details


Mr. Aravind Kamath                                                                       

Co-founder and Director at EMC Engineers,                             

Former Principal Consultant at Robert Bosch,                              

Former Scientist 'E' at Aeronautical Development Agency                                        


Mr. Daniel Loo

Technical Engineer for EMC Systems 

Rohde & Schwarz


Mr. Ashoka Kumar V A

Director-Automotive Electronics Design Centre

RV skills

Ex Head Powertrain Electronics, ERC, Tata Motors

This webinar is intended for participants interested in understanding, design and test EMC to meet regulatory compliance for Electric Vehicles. EMC environment in Electric Vehicles is more complex compared to conventional IC engine-based vehicles due to high voltage & high current power electronics deployed across the vehicle

Also, with more and more vehicle electronic systems getting in to the vehicle, every product designer should understand standards and learn how to design the product to meet EMI/EMC regulations. Noncompliance to the standards will lead to cost and time overrun and may lead to scrapping of the product as it is not competitive

Demand for trained EMI/EMC Engineers is increasing steadily in last few years. Need to go beyond traditional EMC testing to use new technologies, state of art testing methods and simulation to visualize complex interaction of RF signals with the hardware designed



Topics Covered


  1. What is Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility?
  2. Why it is important in EV and Vehicle Electronic Systems?
  3. Primer to understand EMI/EMC environment
  4. Basics of EMC testing – RE, CE, RI, BCI, ESD …
  5. Electric Vehicle EMC test requirements
  6. Electric Vehicle EMC test standards
  7. Introduction to new test and developed Test systems
  8. Automotive Radar Testing
  9. Effects of EMI on Vehicle Electronics
  10. Design Process to handle EMI
  11. Case Study of EMI/EMC testing of instrument cluster


Future Program: Plan to conduct 3 Days PDP covering design, testing & certification. Participants registered for this program will be offered attractive discount


Non SAEINDIA Members

Non SAEINDIA Members: 1180/-

Standard Price₹1,180

SAEINDIA Members: 590/-

SAEINDIA Members: 590/-

Standard Price₹590