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Thursday, April 27, 2023 (3:30 PM - 4:30 PM) (GMT +05:30)

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With rapid transformation from conventional ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles to BEV (Battery electric vehicles) catching pace, plethora of technical challenges also emerge in their development. To meet the fast-paced acceptance of BEV in market, sustainable and efficient solutions to the challenges needs to be developed at a tempo higher than ever. One such arena of challenge is NVH (Noise vibration and harshness). Propulsion system in BEVs tend to be quitter compared to convention vehicles owing to their silent working principles and lesser moving parts.

NVH in electric vehicles tend to have a completely revamped scenario. With the elimination of combustion phenomenon as source of energy in combustion engines as prime mover, significant reduction in overall powertrain noise has been achieved by EVs. This exposes earlier masked noises such as road, wind and auxiliary noises. The working principle of electric motor produces high frequency tonal noise along with modulation signal noises emerging from power electronic components associated with new energy powertrain. To tackle these challenges, novel approaches and tools are developed.

The crux of this webinar lies in presenting a holistic view of BEV NVH refinement approach by FEV. A thorough discussion on long term sustainable practices and tool chain for tackling the challenges marked out above, developed using FEV's extensive competency and experience in NVH refinement is presented. Simulation methodologies in sync with NVH testing approaches are developed for fast paced issue identification and resolution. Finally the technology drivers of today's NVH scenario in vehicles will be discussed with advancements and directions adopted by market leaders and research organizations in NVH domain.


Overall understanding of EV NVH development

· Understanding current NVH challenges for electric vehicles

· Simulation techniques overviews

· Redefining customer expectations of NVH requirement of electric vehicles


  • Sachin Wagh (DIRECTOR Vehicle & Consulting of FEV INDIA Pvt. LTD)

    Sachin Wagh

    DIRECTOR Vehicle & Consulting of FEV INDIA Pvt. LTD