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September 9 & 10, 2022 GMT +05:30

Event Details

  • Introduction - Why do we need to study Vehicle Dynamics
  • Tyre Mechanics
  • Straight Line Behavior - Acceleration and Braking.
  • Lateral response study.
  • Ride Analyses
  • Modeling strategies for Vehicle Dynamics.
  • Brief Introduction to Chassis Motion Control Systems.

This session will introduce the attendee to the various aspects of Vehicle Dynamics. Necessity of analysing and studying the Vehicle Dynamics Characteristics of a vehicle will be explained. The parameters that define the Vehicle Dynamics attributes of the Vehicle will be introduced and the factors effecting these attributes will be explained. An introduction of Tyre behaviour that effects Vehicle dynamics attributes will be provided and an insight into tyre modelling strategies will be given. The participant will be made familiar with the process to study the Lateral and Longitudinal behaviour of the Vehicle which characterize the Handling performance of the vehicle. Various aspects of Ride characterization will be explained with an introduction to the assessment strategies. A simple and brief introduction to the tuning of Vehicle will be provided. Various modelling strategies for Vehicle Dynamic assessment will be explained.