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Topics :


  • E Mobility Overview
  • Fuel Cell Technology and Market Spread
  • Fundamentals of Fuel Cells
  • Types of Fuel Cells
  • Thermodynamics of Fuel Cells
  • Design and development of fuel cells
  • Loss Mechanisms
  • Transient Performance of Fuel Cells
  • Balance of Plant
  • Polarisation Curve. Power and Efficiency Optimisation
  • Testing of Fuel Cell Engines
  • Hydrogen generation and storage
  • CAPEX / OPEXX Estimations – Case Study
  • AIS 157 For Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles



Name :  Dr. Sushil S. Ramdasi

Job Title :  Deputy Director

Department : Powertrain Design

Company : Automotive Association of India (ARAI)

Total Experience : 27 years @ ARAI

Responsibilities and Research Interests


·        In charge - Power Train Design Department, ARAI and responsible for execution of various projects in design & development of engines, transmissions, live axles from concept up to series production for meeting various emission norms, strength, durability and structural dynamics requirements. He has developed Hybrid Electric Vehicle architectures / supervisory controller for HEV operations / Indigenous development of AMT controller software and microcontroller hardware with power electronics from concept / Development of Hydrogen and SOFC based Fuel Cell Vehicle Architectures and Controls/ Prototype development of engines, transmissions, axles, Swirl and Transmission test rigs Microcontrollers , Power electronics for AMT and electric drive operations, Developed Induction / PMDC / BLDC motors plant mathematical models from concept along with FOC and DTC control algorithms for electric drives to work in parallel computing environment 

·        Developed H Bridge Cascaded 5 and 7 multilevel inverters to improve THD content and hence aiding to improve SoC of battery used in EV / HEV / FCV

·        Developed Methanol / Ethanol (M 85 & E 85) Fueled 3 Wheeler / LPG conversion kit for genets from concept

·        Developed in house software's by using Microsoft Foundation Class and Open GL platforms for Valve Train Dynamics. Torsional Vibrations and damper design, Crank train design, Swirl Flow rig and various Electric drive controller designs



Completed Bachelor of Engineering (Automobile), Master of Engineering -  (Mechanical) in Design discipline, Master of Management Science in Management Information Systems from Pune university. He is Ph.D. in controller development for electric drives for Electric, Hybrid Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles from VIT University. He is Post Doctorate Research Collaborator at University of Delaware, USA in the field of Fuel Cell Technology

Additional Information

·        He has 2 patents on LPG fuel metering system and Gas air mixer for stationary application engines. He is an invited rreviewer for IEEE, Elsevier and IMECHE (UK) peer review technical journal papers.

·        He has received an Outstanding Paper and Presentation award at FISITA International Conference 2018, for the paper titled "Supervisory Controller Development for Full Parallel HEV for Improving Fuel Economy and an Intermediate Experimental Validation".

·        He has received Best Technical Paper award on Environmental Pollution at SIAT 2011. Paper Titled "Design and Development of High Performance, 3 Cylinder DI Diesel Engine for Meeting Euro –IV norms"

·        He is an invited faculty at various universities , colleges in the area of engine & transmission design, E- Mobility, EV, HEV and Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology

·        He is faculty at ARAI Academy for Engine & Transmission design, HEV, FCV technology.

·        He has initiated and coordinated various PDP, FDP and PIP programs under flagship of SAE India and ARAI. 

Organizations Achievement and Contribution Awards / Miscellaneous:

·        Design & Development of Range of Cordon shafts for Engine Testing Applications

·        Design and development of 4WD Front axle for tractor application for an overseas customer

·        Design & Development of High Performance 3 Cylinder, DI, Diesel Engine to meet EURO – IV norms

·        Design of Engine Component Design Software's using MFC and OPEN GL Platform

·        Contribution award for getting 2 no of patents for design and development of LPG system and Gas Air Mixer for Genset Applications

·        He has presented and published more than 50 no. of technical papers in national / international conferences

·        Published 3 technical papers in peer review journals on EV / HEV and FCV