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India is the only major market successfully implemented "leap frog" from BS4 (Euro4) to BS6 (Euro6b) on 1st April 2020 with less of one stage of regulations, mainly as a testimony to the urgency in cleaning up the air in some of the most populated parts of the world. Currently India is on BS6 (stage1) regulations followed by upcoming BS6 (stage2) regulations from 1st April 2023 with supplemental India Real Driving Emissions (IRDE) test to be performed with portable emission measurement system (PEMS) and meeting conformity factor (CF) for NOx & PN for all diesel and gasoline direct injection engines (GDI) vehicles. The upcoming BS6 (stage2) regulations demand all GDI vehicles to meet particulate mass emissions (PM) below 4.5mg/km and particulate number emissions (PN) below 6x10+11# per km with low sulfur fuel (S<10ppm) with extended vehicle durability of 80K km BS4 to 160K km BS6 (K=1000).

Key Discussion Points

  • Treatment system overview
  • Catalytic convertor basics
  • ATS components
  • Emission regulations and After treatment systems


Nilesh Lende (Application Engineering Manager (India), at Corning Environmental Technologies, Gurgaon, India.)

Nilesh Lende

Application Engineering Manager (India), at Corning Environmental Technologies, Gurgaon, India.

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