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Monday, March 27, 2023 (9:30 AM - 5:00 PM) (GMT +05:30)

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Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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In the era of mobility driven by clean energy storage devices which will also help to reduce dependency on usage of conventional fossil fuels, batteries having larger energy density, power density, reliability and durability will be the front runners amongst all options available. As the battery market continues to expand, engineers/researchers will focus on to formulate new chemistries and materials that will increase energy and power density while improving safety and durability concurrently. Here It is utmost important to efficiently integrate various aspects of technologies such as use of new materials for electrolyte, electrodes to formulate cell, pack , module supported with advance design simulation and manufacturing technologies. In short, this program will address first the recent progress in lithium-ion batteries safety, highlight current challenges, and outline the advanced safety features that may be incorporated to improve battery safety for both lithium-ion batteries followed by deliberations on progress happened in other advance battery technology options.

This program is dedicated to have deep dive in understanding critically about battery safety, durability, and advances in battery technology with specific attention to tackle present most safety critical issues viz thermal run away and catching up fire in the fields . Advance topics will be covered to address various technical requirements for design and development of new generation battery technologies such as Solid state, solid polymer based, Salt , Al Air etc

In case of salt batteries focus will be given on the chemistry and functioning of cells, advantages , limitations, and its low-cost potential for large-volume production. Specific advantage of AL Air battery in getting very high range in case of long haul , heavy duty applications will be discussed apart from its fundamental working and other aspects of operations. Both these advance battery technologies will be explained by sharing its practical usage and experiences in real life.

A front loading approach based design cycle which extensively uses virtual simulation and validation techniques , development of robust Battery Management System (BMS) controller using advance tools viz Mil, SiL, PiL, HiL , overview of SO 26262 function development, latest in battery on board and fast charging technology etc will be covered with sufficient depth and breadth,

Topics covered in this Professional Development Program are as under:

  • Battery Safety & fire protection, Battery pack and module design from thermal, structural and safety point of view
  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety - Overview
  • Advances in Fast & Slow Charging technology
  • Function development for BMS and its testing using MiL, SIL AND HIL techniques
  • Advance Battery Technology Options - Salt state Battery / AL Air Battery Technology