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Workflow for Developing Battery Management Systems/Power Electronics Controllers

Simulink® modeling and simulation capabilities enable BMS development, including single-cell-equivalent circuit formulation and parameterization, electronic circuit design, control logic, automatic code generation, and verification and validation. With Simulink, engineers can design and simulate the battery management systems by:

  • Modeling battery packs using electrical networks whose topology mirrors that of the actual system and scales with the number of cells
  • Parameterizing equivalent circuit elements using test data for accurate representation of cell chemistry
  • Designing the power electronics circuit that connects the pack with the controls
  • Developing closed-loop control algorithms for supervisory and fault detection logic
  • Designing state observers for state-of-charge and state-of-health online estimation


Speaker: Mr. Nukul Sehgal, Mr. Abhisek Roy & Mr. Prasanna Deshpande, MathWorks

Registration Fee : 500 + 18% GST = 590/-

Registration Fee : 500 + 18% GST = 590/-

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Non SAEINDIA Members: 1180/-

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